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* percentage of current estimated total cost of £740,000 (just over £200,000 raised as of December 2023)

Please click the button below or scan the QR code at the bottom of the page to make a donation to our Roof Fund.  You can also download a ROOF APPEAL SPONSORSHIP AND DONATION FORM which includes an option to donate with GIFT AID, or contact Penny our administrator in the church office for more information.



Ever since the Church was built nearly 50 years ago, the roof has been leaking. Much has been done over the years to deal with this problem but nothing seems to work.

Consultants have now advised the PCC that the roof finish has come to the end of its life.

In particular, the fixings have corroded to the point that the aluminium strips could lift off the building in a storm, as happened here. The consultants have looked at various options. The agreed solution is to replace the aluminium with a new insulated roof finish. It is estimated that this will cost at least £700,000.

A small group is looking at how this money could be raised. We are seeking your support for this work and to answer some of your questions.

Why do we need a new roof now? Why can’t we live with this?

If we don’t do anything, it is highly likely that at some point in the not too distant future, a gale will remove all or part of the aluminium panels, as happened here. The Church could be liable for the damage this could cause to people and property – and we would need to take emergency action to protect the Church. The PCC does not think that we can live with this risk. It has commissioned the consultants to develop a design for a new roof, so that tenders can be invited for the building work. We have already established that all the work has to be done in one contract and so we need to raise the full amount before we commence the building work.


How are we going to raise £700,000? Surely you don’t expect the congregation to pay for this?

It is clearly not possible for the congregation to raise this sort of money on its own. But we cannot expect others to help us unless we can show that we have done our best to raise as much as we can.

What other sources of funding are being looked at?

We are exploring the possibility of grants from various charities but as a general rule they would expect us to have raised about half the amount needed before they would help. We will seek donations from organisations which use the Church buildings. We also plan to mount Church events to raise funds. But the response of the congregation is the foundation stone of our fund raising.

How much is expected from members of the congregation?

This will depend on individual circumstances. The Bible urges God’s people to be generous in their giving in response to God’s overwhelming generosity. Please pray, and give whatever you are able to. If possible we’d like people to pledge themselves to give so much a month so that there is a continuing flow of funds. Please click the image above to open a PDF containing a ROOF APPEAL SPONSORSHIP AND DONATION FORM

Is this really possible?

We need to have faith: Lord, bless all who worship here and use it as a place of gathering. Help us as we work together to replace the roof, so that this building may continue to be dedicated to your name and glory. Amen