Revd Ruth Chapman

Vicar, St Matthew, Croydon


Rest day: Friday

Assistant Priest

Revd Linda Fox

Asst Priest, St Matthew, Croydon

Asst Area Dean, Croydon Central

phone: 07736 708828



Mrs Alison Radford

Licensed Lay Minister

Director of Music

Michael Strange

Southwark Pastoral Auxiliaries

Carolyn Tweed

Parish Safeguarding Officers

Judith Spencer-Gregson

Caroline Tweed

Church Wardens

Stephen Collingwood

Edith Chiwuze

PCC Secretary

David Williams

PCC Treasurer

Terry Mitchell


Church Administrator

Penny Goswell

Church Office (for Church/hall bookings): 020 8681 3147 (please leave a message, fill in our Contact form or send an email to and Penny will get back to you as soon as possible).

The Parish Office is usually open Monday to Friday from 09:00am to 12noon but Penny, the Administrator, is on annual leave from noon 24th May and will return on the 3rd June. Emails and phone calls will be checked periodically.